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August 17, 2009

Believing vs Knowing

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When it comes to matters of your core values determining your course of action, goals & your very direction of life it is better to form them based on ‘knowing’ rather than ‘believing’.  It is critical to know the difference between believing something  & Knowing that thing.  When you believe in something you subscribe to other person’s knowledge or his belief and your actions from such beliefs are not a function of your core values.  When you know a thing,  your words, actions  would be a function of your deep understanding at that time or from your experience.  If you look back in human history all wars, genocides, were between two beliefs.

There is only one step in transition from believing to knowing. It is accepting that you don’t know. If and only if you accept that you don’t know, inquiry/longing to know will start. Not knowing is a void and the natural tendency of mind is to seek to know based on intensity and priority you assign to your inquiry.

I used to believe in GOD (superior being governing all existence in universe). Now, I neither believe nor disbelieve God.  I know there is no GOD.  This  knowing resulted from my  experience and intellect.  I had to accept during my late teen years that I do not know for sure that GOD existed or not. Once I got this revelation I find my actions and words regarding God, religion are more stable, with more impact  & with more conviction. Beliefs act outside in and are impregnated, either by parents, society, yourself.  Everybody will be impregnated with a belief system and one cannot escape that.  It happens one way or the other during your childhood.  However, one should deploy the discriminatory aspect of  mind and become conscious of root of their actions and words.

The beauty of actions emanating from knowing is that you act from your knowledge at any given moment and will take total responsibility for your actions. Knowing flows  from inside you outwards to the world from your understanding,  experience and when you act from knowing you will be creative at one level or other and provide value to others.


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